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  • Training & Development programmes and OD interventions are designed strictly on the basis of need assessment of the organization.
  • Structured meeting with senior leadership team and HR , focused group discussions with the stakeholders are the essential inputs taken to design any training and OD intervention.
  • Customized training programs and OD interventions are designed and delivered.
  • Follow up and feedback to assess the impact on the participants and the organization as a whole.

Range of Training Programs
  • Wide Range of Training programs are available for Senior, Middle and Junior management based on the need of the organization.
  • Great Leaders…Great Results, Developing High Performing Teams, Coaching and Mentoring, Managerial Effectiveness, Personal Effectiveness, Making Change Happen, Conflict Management, High Impact Presentations, Communication Advantage , Etiquettes as differentiator, Time Management etc.


Based on organizational needs OD interventions are planned using:

  • Large Scale Interactive process (LSIP)
  • 360 degree
  • Engagement surveys customised around pain areas

Resultant action planned around:

  • Competency Models
  • Communication Framework - Internal and external customers
  • Engagement Initiatives
  • Training and Development programmes
  • Coaching and mentoring programmes etc.

  • We partner with our clients develop leadership pipeline as per business needs. We have some handy tools and processes to help the organization create a succession pipeline and link the same with the organization eco system.

We help the clients:

  • Develop leadership competency framework
  • Values Framework
  • Tools to identify leadership pipeline
  • Identify measures to create a succession pipeline.

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